Casual Notes

“@JoyfulApps: After #mk61+ 2.1.0: redesign of the Data tab:”

“@JoyfulApps: I should admit: I rejected #MK61+ v2.0.2. The good news is v2.1.0 has been just uploaded on AppStore.”

“@JoyfulApps: Custom numeric keyboard panel has been added in #mk61”

I just entered to win Dropbox Pro For Life FREE via @appsumo

Did you know, that Google doesn’t think web developers are programmers? Look at here:

Direct the Patent Office to Cease Issuing Software Patents

“@xach: Starting to suspect there are more eccentric fools than eccentric geniuses.” Friday Q&A 2011-09-30: Automatic Reference Counting

“@JoyfulApps: #MK61+ has been reviewed on @App_Score :”